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Darryl Stewart

Darryl Lives in Southern Utah Cedar City with his wife Paula and is self-employed as a painting contractor dba Color County Painting. Darryl takes great pride in his work and always provides top quality for every job he is hired to do. Also an Internet Marketing Specialist, Darryl has been helping others in many online projects in an effort to help them promote their company utilizing the latest in Internet Technologies and Marketing Systems to find the most cost-effective and efficient methods of increasing company sales while decreasing advertising and marketing expenses.Darryl's knowledge of systems and the Internet, and his availability and desire to make time to help out team members, makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

Julie Weishaar

With over 10 years corporate marketing management experience, Julie now helps small business owners hone in on exactly what their business offerings are, who their target market is, and come up with creative ways to get their marketing message across to their target at the right time. Based in New York, but with an International target market, she also helps business owners learn how to use video as part of their overall marketing mix.

Julie has a passion for creating videos and creates and uses videos to help business owners strategically plan how to use videos online, increase their web presence, and promote their brand. Video branding/marketing is the way of the future as video is such a powerful marketing tool. She can create unique and memorable videos about your product or service that will make your brand stand out.  

Julie and Darryl Your Own Marketing System
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